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The total length of the nail was 6 meters 15 centimeters. On the right hand Sridhar Chayllal not grow a nail.

meter length of nails Chinese grown for 15 years, and even grow them he started at 23 years of age. "When I was 20, I read about an Indian who grew nails length of about a meter. I decided to get around it, "- says Lee.

"Until 1992, my nails were broken twice by accident: the first time I moved the things, the second - the fault of my friend. Every time I had to start all over again "- admitted the champion.

Meanwhile, the world record for longest fingernails belong to 65-year-old resident of Salt Lake City Redmond. Last year, she entered the last edition of Guinness World Records by growing the longest fingernails in the world - the total length of 7 meters 51 centimeters.

The biggest and the smallest head.

The biggest palm. A man named Hussein Bisad (UK) became famous because of its prohibitively large palms. The length of the palm from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist is 26, 9 cm.

A man named Radhakant Badzhapai (India), famous for the fact that out of his ears grow very long hair 13, 2 cm.

A resident of the Indian city of Bhopal Bee Dee Tyagi hit the Guinness Book of Records as the man whose ears grow the longest hair in the world: the length of the unusual vegetation reaches 10, 2 centimeters.

The longest nose. Figure, created in the image of the German nobleman Gustav von Albaha, who lived in the 18th century. in Bremen. He was famous for its unusually long nose. Its ugliness Gustav turned into an object of fun, jokes, was everyone's favorite, especially children. Participated in the carnival (good mask it was not necessary).

Quickly aged child. In connection with this illness mother (according to some abuse of drugs and alcohol) was born in 1811 in Austria ode weighing 1 kg 733 g, and the growth of 25 cm.

The most diminutive man. The most stunted man was Gul Mohammed of New-has put (India). In 1990, when viewed in the hospital "Ram Manohar" His height is only 57 cm. He died of a heart attack in 1997

The heaviest newborn. January 19, 1879 g.Sevil (Ohio, USA), Anna Bates (Canada), the growth of which is 2 m 27 cm, gave birth to a boy weighing 10 kg 8 g and 76 cm growth. The boy lived only 11:00.

Dlinyuschie hair)))

The thickest (ND), delete as appropriate.

In American Cathy Young today is the smallest waist in the world - 38, 1 cm. Record holder for the past 14 years, virtually eliminates the corset, and she had them about a hundred. Recently, the Guinness Book of Records there is another "achievement": the amount of the vast female waist - 160 cm.

The most hairy man in the world. Chinese Yu Chzhenhuan recognized as the most hairy man in the world: 96% of the surface of his body covered with hair, hairy, 2004. The most unusual, hair, Guinness World Record.


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