Bridge Sink

The Austrian city of Graz is the second largest after the capital. Popularity and fame city bring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born here. But many are buying tours to Austria to visit the unusual bridge connecting the two banks of the river Mur. To be more precise, it is not just a bridge, and the bridge to the "island" in the middle of the river (hence the name - Aiola Island). This masterpiece of modern architecture was built in 2003 and is the perfect place to hide from the sudden rain, moreover, on the bridge can be up to 350 people at a time. It owes its origin to the architect from New York Vito Akkonsi. "We wanted to create a place that would be visually divided into two specific zones, and these zones should gradually merge into one whole" - explains Vito Akkonsi.

In the middle of the bridge there is a sitting area in the form of a huge shell, measuring 50 m by 20 m. There is a cozy bar and coffee shop, as well as a platform for those wishing to sunbathe. At night, it's all very beautifully illuminated and creates a unique atmosphere.

The closed zone "of the island - the sink" is an amphitheater, a café and a children's playground.

The uniqueness of this place is not only an exciting combination of interior design and architecture. Familiar to many urban views in Graz with "bridge - Shell" opens a new perspective. The hilly landscape around Graz reflected in stainless steel and large windows, due to what a modern architectural structure looks perfectly against the background of nature.


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