Mixed reaction to a photo of a soldier in Mali in the style of the game Call of Duty

This picture is just a few days have seen millions of people from around the world, but the reaction to this photograph, and people's opinions on this subject are divided.
Everyone's attention to this snapshot attracted a bandana on his face soldier.
What is most interesting, such a bandana with a skull resembles a character from a computer game Call of Duty.

According to the originator of this excitement, he was not trying to pose for this picture, and the photographer just caught a very good time and focus for an image.
But the representative of the French General Staff reacted to this picture is very mixed. Thierry Byurkar said that such behavior of French soldiers simply unacceptable, because the picture does not reflect the importance of the actions carried out by French soldiers in Mali, and added that the perpetrators of these pictures will be punished.

And this is how the game looked like a character Call of Duty in the game world :)


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