Major wins the lottery

Many people dream about getting a large fortune effortlessly. Those who do not hope for themselves, or at least to the inheritance of the rich relatives are often willing to rely on fate. For example, participating in the lottery. Especially popular lottery in the United States. Not by chance all the major lottery winnings were obtained in the USA. It is worth noting that the winners receive is not the full amount of the winnings. First of all, they have to decide whether they want to receive their winnings in the form of relatively small annual payments or prefer to take their cash. In the second case, the prize sum is significantly reduced. In addition, the winners have to pay 25 tiprotsentny federal tax on winnings.
We will not delve into the complex process of payment, let's look at the happy faces of people who have acquired an instant condition. Judging from the photos, many have not yet realized that they have become rich.


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