In Switzerland, opened a 0-star hotel

The Swiss town of Sewell opened the world's first nulezvezdochny Hotel Null Stern Hotel, which also can take 54 people.
True, he is more like a military barracks or catacombs. After all, there are no separate rooms, and the hotel is located underground, as converted from an atomic bunker.
It is understood that the windows in the hotel is not provided. The only connection with the world above ground - in one large monitor, which displays a picture with the camera surveillance. This screen replaces and televisions, which the hotel also is not.

The bathroom in the hotel - one for all the guests, and to wash with hot water it is necessary to get up before anyone else, because its amount is limited and only those who are used to getting up in the morning, will be able to take a hot shower, the rest will have to be tempered with cold water.

But the prices for all these "convenience", respectively. For Switzerland, where the hotels are among the most expensive in the world, prices for accommodation Null Stern Hotel just ridiculous - about $ 10 per night. By the way, precisely because of such pricing policy of the empty spaces in the hotel are almost never there - the place booked for weeks in advance.


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