As you know, the irresistible habit quietly take what is bad, called kleptomania, kleptomania and among many animals found in search of a steal everything that comes their way. No exception, and cats who believe their property they like any thing, absolutely not thinking about the moral side of the issue.

Quiet confidence with which they take do not belong to them things, suggests that they do not consider themselves to be thieves, but rather ordinary collectors. Cats - a very successful "collectors" because they possess all the qualities necessary to carry out petty theft - cleverness, cunning and dexterity. Seven of the most amusing stories about cats Thieves below ...

1. Oscar

Residents of British Portsvuda Vaysmantl Peter and his wife Birgitte for a while decided to take shelter from the thirteen cat named Oscar. Oscar was so grateful creature that has been regularly bringing in their new home gifts. He literally filled up their new owners stockings, gloves and scarves, which he generously filled the room master's house.

Seeing this for the first time, Peter and Birgitte respectable so worried that the neighbors suspected them of stealing things that called the police and reported the incident. But the habit of all the things to bear in the house they seemed so nice that they decided to keep the Oscar forever.

2. Speedy

Margrit Geiger of the Swiss Wiesendangen recognizes that the majority of small things missing from the neighboring houses, dragged her cat AIDS. All extracted Speedy enters the house through a hole in a shed or attic window, getting straight to the room to her youngest son.

Unscrupulous habits of their favorite family Geiger so worried that they printed and distributed leaflets in the village with the words, "Help! Our cat steals things "in a way trying to encourage residents of the town turn to them for missing items. Speedy thieves career started three years ago, and although he takes everything that comes his way, he gives special preference to black socks - they are in the home of its owners the most.

3. Frankie

Black Beauty Frankie loves toys and will be happy around the bright, soft or plastic, but a special admiration for his cause plush leopard. All these riches Frankie regularly finds in the homes in the neighborhood, in a small English town of Swindon, and quietly puts in his yard through a small gate for cats and dogs. His tastes are diverse - from home socks, plush toys and scraps to small rodents, which he tirelessly hunts from morning till night.

With mined toys Frankie does not play, it makes happy the fact that he found them and brought home. In his extensive collection - fifteen identical plush leopard and plenty of a variety of toys. Frankie hostess must regularly posting lists of arrivals things to their owners could take their property back.

4. Chrysanthemum

Cat with a gentle name Chrysanthemum began her career with petty thieves abduction socks in neighboring yard, but she quickly tired of this occupation, and she went to steal documents.

Once Chrysanthemum decided to play in the immigration officer and quietly "confiscated" from one of the citizens of a green card, after which her mistress had attributed prey to the police.

5. Henry

Black and white cat named Henry from the English county of Leicestershire so skillfully concealed his not quite legitimate case that his mistress learned that Henry steals things from linen cords only when he was caught, so to speak, on the hot.

Louise Brandon was surprised to see his favorite, heading towards the house with a sock in his mouth, and followed him. When he reached his litter, Henry carefully hid it under his prey. Lifting the mattress, Louise found beneath more than fifty socks!

Advisement owners Henry decided not to throw the collection, as this will cause the cat hit the ground with a double fervor. Now they regularly hung announcement of the arrival of new socks, which are then returned to their owners.

6. Switch

Ray Lewis and wife Rachel Meyrick from London can confidently say that addiction to steal things appeared at their oriental cat named Switch in 2007, when the family had a child.


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