Early 90's, an extensive trip on poultry farms glorious nenki course from east to west. Team arrives at the "glorious Misto Ternopil».
Meet as a government delegation. What is missing to complete analogy - cars with flashing lights. Lived in a posh hotel in the city center, were treated according to the principle of "who eats well - that works well." Again, the process was accompanied by a local eating a saying "Pour, more gostі їdyat."
And now the day of departure. Gathered almost the entire leadership of the poultry farm, again, pour a drink, a snack, all absolutely stunning, but. It's time to go to the station. What visitors hints and hospitable hosts.
Ta nіchogo, vstignete.
Yes it is, it is nothing but a half-hour before the departure of the train, and the factory pretty far out of town.
 - She did not hvilyuytes - and someone - pіdganyay machine.
Gentlemen, go travel. And under the threshold waiting for them ... No, not a jeep. Fire truck in the "all inclusive". Red Baron, a pancake, with a siren. And in the car - smoked chicken, sausage. Ta and have a drink on the track, not to be bored, God forbid.
So flashers with the siren still held. With them, their families, brought up directly onto the platform.


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