Spa-resort macaques

In the north of Japan, the Reserve Igodukani where winter lasts up to four months of the year, snow macaque live with cute little noses red and gray coats. Despite the thick fur, small animals in severe cold freeze. When the frosts are very very bombastic, primates together jumping in the hot springs, the water temperature reaches 43 degrees, and thrilled all day in these natural hot tub.

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Photo: Koichi Kamoshida



Igodukanskie macaques living on the largest island of Honshu in Japan, considered the most northern of the world monkeys.


Unique monkey resort is unique in the world, snow monkeys made it his fiefdom. It is said that the hot spring relieves fatigue and headache.

It is said that macaques from other mountains, learning about the amazing sources have tried to move to the hot water, but was expelled from the local inhabitants.

Dries as quickly as possible helps them sort out the habit of each other's hair, as if in search of vermin, but the monkey is shuffling coat expresses a manifestation of love, solidarity and care.

When the sun warms the air, the animals come out of the water to dry off and eat.



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