Life under the bridge

Los Angeles River flows under a network of bridges and freeway, crossing the entire central part of the Greater Los Angeles area, it flows into the Gulf of Long Beach. Littered shore of the river are home to the homeless. Invisible "city" on the banks of the river harbor descended into drug addicts, the mentally ill and those who are simply trying to will disappear from everyday life.

In one of many such "cities" under the bridge on the 7th street live in tents and shacks around a dozen people, you will learn the history of some of the photos taken by photographer Francine Orr

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1) Tommy, who did not say his name, said that before to be on the street, painted boats. He lives in a tent with his dog named Jack. Tommy makes home-made cakes in the oven.

2) Richard, who also did not call his name, resting under the bridge. Once he begged in the streets, and now he has cancer. In early November, he was beaten by seven.

3) 42-year-old John Lakey, admits that he is an addict and he does not need anyone's help. He says, "I want so stoned not to feel bad, so I could just draw your drawings and die a little bit happy, because I was never happy in this world.»

4) John escape from reality, immersed in the drawing.

5) 51-year-old Jolie Masgruv says "life on the river has become much more difficult." Jolie is living under a bridge on the 7th Street in Long Beach. "People have become more violent," - she says - "They want to get more for nothing. They are looking out for what you have, and are determined to get it no matter what way you understand? If they need to do to kill you, they will do it without hesitation. »

6) Jolie Masgruv preparing breakfast. She survives thanks to food stamps.

7) Homeless, nicknamed "Joker" looks out the window shacks Jolie Masgruv.

8) 35-year-old Lima Mailoto and her boyfriend "Big Red" in his shack. Lima sings and Big Red was crying when they hear her beautiful voice. Lima said that lives under a bridge on the 7th Street for about 4 years.

9) Raven shoot pigeons from the smoothbore vozdushki and red cat sits waiting for dinner. Raven spends his days reading, drinking coffee and working on the bike. He says that he used to beg in the streets.

10) Amanda Howard, 31, draws in his tent under a bridge on the 7th Street in Long Beach.

11) The man who calls himself the "Security" sits at the entrance of his tent.



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