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The rare northern white rhinos are in great danger - around the world there are only eight. December 20 four individuals - two females and two males - were transported from the zoo in the Czech Republic in the center of wildlife conservation in Kenya to start breeding.

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1. Fatou - one of the eight northern white rhinos that exist in the world - rests in a cage at the zoo in Dvur Kralove in the Czech Republic December 17. Three days later, the female and three rhino will be sent to Kenya to begin a program of rehabilitation of the animal susceptible to extinction. The four were in a zoo in the 1960s in an attempt to establish an African safari park. Relatively cool climate saying that the animals spend most of their time on the concrete floor of cells. Then, no one expected that these four will be one of the last white rhinos on the planet. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

2. Czech zoo workers preparing boxes for transportation rhinos December 19 - two males and two females; none of them had offspring in the past 20 years. "Their transportation - the last attempt to save them and view them from extinction." - Said Dr. Rob Brett from the organization for the conservation of species «Fauna & Flora International». (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

3. Four rhino arrived at Nairobi, Kenya, on 20 December. Scientists hope that in the natural habitat of this species will increase the birth rate. Today, the probability of a rhino in captivity is minimized. The last baby born in 2000. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

4. Boxes with rhinos fall in Nairobi, Kenya. They were then taken to the reserve is about 289 km Laikipii. "If we're lucky, a unique gene of white rhinos can increase the population of these animals," - said Richard Vigna - executive director of the reserve. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

5. For newcomers white rhinos were installed pens with outdoor adventure. In the acclimatization period they remain in the pens, gradually they will provide more space, and then allowed to walk around the park. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

6. Conservation Center "Ol Pejeta" under the protection of the Kenyan armed service environment, including the man, could not resist the desire to take a picture of the new arrivals. Rangers protect wildlife, including the population of rhinos from poachers hunting on their horns. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

7. Newcomers rhinos immediately attracted the attention of the public. Some wondered why rhinos called white when they are actually gray. In fact, the name of the subspecies comes from the mispronunciation of the Dutch word «wijde» (in English, "a"), which describes their wide mouths. In black rhinos, on the contrary, pointed snout. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

8. Sudan - one of the new arrivals to Kenya rhinos - sniffing the grass in a paddock on 20 December. On freedom of rhinos live up to 40 years and can weigh up to 267 kg 2. The northern white rhino is a subspecies of white rhino, as well as the south, who lives in South Africa. The closest relative of the white rhino - black, who also lives in Africa. In Asia, home to three species: the Sumatran, the Indian and Javan rhino. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)

9. Suni - one of the newcomers of the northern white rhinos to Kenya - refreshing water. (Ami Vitale / for msnbc.com)



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