Last call in Lugansk

Author: This year, the last bell for the forthcoming Euro 2012 a month earlier. Somehow first upset mistakenly thought that I could not, traditionally, rent bathing in the fountains of the city of graduates. Our graduates are the best and do not violate traditions. I visited two fountains in the park Komsomol water was turned off and I habitually went to Durakovku on against the administration, too, everything was turned off, but across the street graduates already kuchkovalis and fountain rainbow shimmered in the sun. The weather is not cold, but not heat, the thermometer showed 20 Dynamo.

Couple graduating classes wandered around the fountain and boldly tried something a dip in the fountain. As usual, waiting for the first and the most daring. Not have to wait long. Here they are, as usual, and the female half of a galloping horse and into the fountain, they

Bathed with prebolshuschim pleasure!

All completely sober and just fun overwhelmed.


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