In America, we have chosen the most beautiful woman

The winner of the contest "Miss USA 2012" was the 19-year-old Olivia Culp (Olivia Culpo), representing the state of Rhode Island, according to Reuters. The finale of the beauty contest was held in Las Vegas on June 3 evening local time (early morning of June 4, Moscow time).

Besides the traditional competitions in swimsuit and evening gown, contender for the title of "Miss USA" this year had to answer questions sent on Twitter.

Olivia Culp, in particular, asked how she would react to possible victory in the "Miss USA" men to change their sex. Future "Miss USA" said he did not consider such a victory would be fair, however, prepared to accept this result as "believes that this is a free country." The question was asked in connection with the fact that in May 2012, Jenna Talakova, which was previously a man won the right to participate in the contest "Miss Canada". Talakova was among the 12 most beautiful women, but one of the five finalists was not hit.


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