Poison Garden

The second largest garden in the UK called Alnwick. It is a garden of poisonous plants, which is adjacent to the castle of Alnwick in Northumberland, England.
The garden contains the most poisonous plants of the world that can kill a person.

For large black gates of the garden grows about 100 varieties prohibited by the law of narcotic plants, used to make opium and other drugs.

There is also growing Belladonna Atropos, also known as deadly nightshade, strychnine, hemlock, hashish and many other

Despite the fact that toxic Alnwick Garden is relatively recent history of other gardens and parks in the castle has its origins in the distant 1750. And only a few centuries, the local horticultural tradition enriched also dangerous plants.

Local gardens were laid during the first Duke of Northumberland, but fell into disrepair during the Second World War. So far, everything has been put in perfect order - these places are very popular tourist destination

Update History gardens associated with the current Duchess of Northumberland. In 2000, she became the mistress of the castle and the project was launched a large-scale reconstruction and rehabilitation of local beauties. The very same poison garden was founded only 5 years later, in 2005. It draws inspiration from the famous garden near Padua, Italy, where the Medici poisonous plants were grown to a sophisticated way to get rid of their enemies.


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