By the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident

21.02.2011, Belarus | In 1988 on the territory of three particularly affected by the accident at Chernobyl Gomel region it was created by the State Radiation Ecological Reserve. Poleski Park covers an area of ​​over 215,000 hectares. On its territory - the highest level of radioactive contamination. It holds about 30% of cesium-137, a 70% strontium-90 and about 97% of the plutonium isotopes that fell on the territory of Belarus. In fact, the area is 30 km from the nuclear power plant - research base for the scientists, leading change control of the radiation situation in the near zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

From villages which are now in the territory of the Polesie reserve, people evicted in the first years after the accident. First, those who lived next to the reactor, and then the rest. They promised that the evacuated for a few months, otherwise no one left. When people realize that resettlement is not for months but for the rest of life, many have attempted to return, but the entrance to the area is already protected, and special teams destroyed and burned houses, cutting off the "returnees" way back.

One way or another, but in the villages that were in the 30-km evacuation zone, people still live. Reuters photographer Vasily Fedosenko recently visited one of these villages - in Tulgovichi.

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2. Residents of the village hurry to the place where autobench arrived. Before the accident Tulgovichi been a big village - it was about 300 yards. All were evicted in 1991, but two dozen families refused to leave. In 2004 we lived in the village of 12 people. The radiation background in Tulgovichi of 62 to 73 micro-roentgen / hour. On the road leading to Tulgovichi, and in the forest belt dosimeter shows 220 mR / h.

3. The old people living in the "luminous" village, continue to keep some livestock, planting vegetables - live subsistence crops, in a word.

4. The small pension is spent on buying comes twice a week mobile shops.

5. For many elderly people living in a strange place, no home, and Polesie forests showed significantly worse than invisible and imperceptible radiation.


7. Over the years, in the woods around Tulgovichi divorced full of all living creatures.

8. The whole village is going to mobile shops. Warning on the door that "tobacco is not released persons under 18 years," here looks a bit strange.

9. A bottle of fortified wine to the "male" festival on 23 February.

10. Road shopping - from mobile shops to the house.



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