Miraculously he escaped from the clutches of a lioness

Wildlife photographer Jayesh Mehta, captures the moment of salvation impala from certain death.
She miraculously slipped between the sharp fangs and claws to hunt lions.
For a lioness, Impala is easy prey, a wildcat is no problem to fill up a zebra and even buffalo.

But the photographer later learned that on the side of the antelope was more than just luck - a lioness was actually blind in one eye and could not strike a sure hit.

The photographer said he felt as though something in the air, raised his camera, zoom and brought ... it all happened so fast,
he did not even realize what was the witness. And just seeing the pictures on your camera, shoot at 10 frames per second, it is considered a part of the drama.

Lion - one of the most dangerous predators of the black continent, along with crocodiles, hippos and sharks.
Hunting, mainly lions, while men patrol the area and protect the pride.


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