What is this contraption?

Well, what thoughts come to mind?
I can give you a little hint, this piece was sold for 40,000 euros!

And this is nothing more than a sperm whale vomit. However, you are even more surprised to learn that this piece kashalotovoy vomiting was sold for 40,000 euros. Not a bad deal, as you see?
The fact that the sperm whale vomit is worth its weight in gold producers of perfume, as it significantly extends the smell of perfume. That such things.

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Information from Wikipedia:
Amber - solid wax-like substance is gray, the image in the digestive tract of the sperm whale, which has a complex layered structure. Amber from ancient times to the middle of the XX century was used as incense and as the most valuable raw material in the manufacture of perfumes.
It is now almost certain that an amber stands out as a result of irritation caused by the horny beak swallowed whale squid, anyway, in pieces of amber can always find a lot of undigested beaks of cephalopods. For decades, scientists have not been able to determine whether the amber product normal life, or the result of disease. However, noteworthy is the fact that amber comes only in the intestines of males. In the absence of whaling is now the only source of amber should only be finding its pieces thrown sea. Amber and perfumes containing amber, can be found on sale in the moment, but the producers assure that only the amber found in the sea, not extracted from the carcass of a whale.

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