Mountain house for € 135, 000 in a week

At first glance, this chalet in the south-east of France may seem to you that the old building with its long and interesting history. However, it is not. This cozy house has been designed by the studio Pure Concept, which deals only with very expensive and serious project for very wealthy clients. Old at first glance building was built just a year ago, at the end of 2011. Place for its construction was carefully chosen - Alpine slope near Krshevelya, with excellent views and secluded enough from the noise of settlements and highways.

Picturesque location at the side of the mountain was not chosen by chance. The magnificent snow capped mountains, gigantic trees and silence - that's what attracts visitors. And the cost of renting may seem to some transcendental, from 25,000 to 135,000 euros per week. For visitors there are seven Spalleti, and the total area of ​​the building exceeds 1,200 square meters.

According to the authors, the building is built in the style and the use of old technologies and materials used in the construction of chalets in those places for hundreds of years. Simplicity and elegance blends perfectly within its walls. In addition to traditional wood, which gives a warm and cozy rooms, which are widely used in glass and metal. A bedroom design by famous Italian designers, who are typically designed design and decoration of the super-luxury yachts. In addition to the bedrooms there are a number of other rooms intended for guests. This is a small spa-salon and a swimming pool under the roof, and a cinema, and even a small club. Just a small house can accommodate 18 guests, for whom money is secondary, and the first place - comfort, comfort and safety. For this they are willing to pay any money.


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