Symptoms of mental illness

Each of us has its own quirks and bad habits that we take for whims.

It turns out that this may be a mental illness.

So do not relax and take it for a natural.

1. Fear of urinating in front of others

You have come to celebrate small need to empty the toilet (for example, in a restaurant), and are already half way to the blessed relief, when your back is heard shuffling. And ... everything. The process has stalled. You can no longer squeeze out a drop. Someone fell in at the next urinal. You know - he hears that your jet suddenly dried up, and from this panic only increase. And soon after you turn formed. And they wonder what it is you there in complete silence ... If you had to worry about anything like that - you know, you're not alone. This condition is called Paruresis or, simply, the fear of urinating in public. Paruresis prone people can not relieve in the presence of others, even imaginary. This problem occurs more frequently in men, but women also happens from time to time. Scientists claim that seven percent of people at some point in my life experienced such a state. In the most serious cases suffering Paruresis able to go to the toilet only in their own home when they are sure that no one near, and soon, is not expected. Comes to the fact that some sufferers have to catheterize. Paruresis becomes especially problematic when you need to pass a drug test, so in the UK this disorder is considered a valid reason for exemption from the tests associated with urine. And in America Paruresis - a good reason to refuse to perform jury duty.

2. nail obkusyvaniya


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