India 2007 - 2008 г.

It happened to me in 2007 - 2008 году visit India. In the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is in the south east of the country. I was traveling there for work and also for the first time abroad, so was totally unprepared for the stream of impressions that was! The first thing that struck me immediately upon arrival is the heat, especially considering that we arrived there in November and was very prohladnenko Ufa. Yes, to be honest I did not expect that so hot could be somewhere. And then we were told that the local is what we got at the most perfect time, the rainy season has ended and the street is not very (!) Hot. The second was from the strong impression of movement on the roads. We flew to Hyderabad, it's pretty big city and traffic there is quite busy. All drivers travel continuously pressing the signal. Rules of the road as if not present. If the car in front is flashing right (or left) turn signal that does not mean he's going to turn - he wants to be ahead of you it. Lots of bikers girls

and walking as unattended cows (or bulls ...).

Yet almost everywhere swastika, a circle. The ancient symbol of what else to say.

On the way to the camp we certainly bought the local alcohol. Someone beer (it's there all the bottles of 650 ml)

And I do not really like beer drinker, bought rum. Local production. It is not expensive, as I remember the bottle of 200 rubles for our money. They are very tasty, well, not that that would be the refined taste but generally much alcohol does not smell, it is easy is drunk warm, and inserts ... as it should.

I am very afraid of spiders, and when I went to India is ready of course to the fact that because of this, I have to strain, but it was unpleasantly surprised by how much of it! They are everywhere! Although venomous where I was not found (so I'm told), but still, these bastards were getting me there order. Just do a lot of all living creatures. Lizards. Monkeys run everywhere. And colored parrots fly (but high - I did not sfotkal than one). But snakes are surprisingly few pieces seen. They say that they are in the rainy season crawl out, then a lot of them.

Web tall as a man

Monkeys. Running around everywhere there.

Local money - Rupees, all coins different pictures, there is a coin with a swastika, but I did not fall, and then I leave the collection. Another very nice smotryatstsa statues of gods, a lot of them and they are everywhere. Impressive.

Goddess Kali. Or whatever it is called Durga (something like this). All the gods gave her their weapons - it is the protectress.

A few days later we arranged a tour company at the excursion boat on the river Godavari, alcohol havchik, Indian dances and a stop to the temple. I do not know whether it be but as we said, in India there are only a few of these churches: they are the walls are decorated with bas-reliefs with scenes from the Kama Sutra. Just do this temple was rather quiet place. The trip was timed to coincide with the local celebration of Diwali, it is something like our new year, they have this victory of light over darkness. If someone offered me to look at the Indian dances I probably laughed because I am not a fan of Indian cinema. But when you watch it all live, but still pretty podbuhanny ... well ... I was filled. Naturally all bathed in the river. (Here it probably did not have to do). And we come back to the camp in the evening - drunk and happy.



This is our local alkodiler. Old-timers told me that as soon as the camp was built for the workers just a few days there was a point near the sale of alcohol. By the time I was there the seller was able to izyasnyatstsa Russian, immediately leave your phone and suggest to yourself not to go but just call him and say that we have - a boy all will. (This service is free)

Once we went to visit our driver. Nanni his name. For him it was an honor for him that white people go. The whole village came running to see. He himself was not among their schitaetstsa poor whites working. But I saw how they live and ofigel ... See for yourself in the pictures. Small houses, all which is old and shabby, the children are constantly chew sugar cane ... In general, we worked in a place where there are no tourists at all, and these children were looking at us like monkeys in a zoo.


Children - very satisfied and happy by the way!

Then after a while, I moved from camp to the hotel. I traveled a lot but this vile village saw. Room ants on the walls of which the lizards running around. About the view from the window, I just do silent - look no photo. Once in the middle of the night the doorbell rang. Open: there Hotels and police officer (they're walking with sticks of bamboo). He said documents and asked one whether I or someone else. Check Document. Zashol in the room (!) Checked is actually one I have or not, and entered the convent.

Oh, and the city is called Kakinada. What is the name of a town and ....


Anew year we had a few days off and we (for the money) went away from all the city Visakapatnam (Visakhapatnam) or as it is called in short everything Vayzak (Visak). This is less a resort area with clean sea and less decent Hotels. We took just two small bungalchika double. I can not say that there was something special, but the new year has been the most memorable in my life. The first of January (not sober), I went to the shore of Bay of Bengal and decided it pobritstsa. That's when I learned that the soap in saltwater mylitstsa sucks ... and Britstsi uncomfortable.


January 7, we went swimming in the sea and saw a local fisherman. While we were sunbathing on the sidelines, they pulled their nets (I is finally only in the movies before seen!). In networks which just was not there. I did not know that these fish there. Was there a sea snake - I was told that if she bites then call an ambulance will not have to. Very poisonous. They dragged her slice and thrown into the sea. (Then in the sea the way I do not swim, not in this day and was able to end of travel).


Fish syringe

And then, in the afternoon, when the fishermen had gone with their catch home, we noticed that the shore as it swims. It was hoped that this is something of value and it turned out to be just a dead turtle (((They die when they rise to the surface and washes ashore.

This is so much fun with pnkami, adventure and relaxation I traveled to India to work. After nearly three months in home there is absolutely not desirable. Every day there is some new experience. And again, as it is seen on a TV program about Goa ... It seems that I just do what the other was in India ... It is this, this, and that is not a tourist - it's interesting!

And finally, at least one photo from work: I work in the mud!



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