Romania 12/20/12

By accident, I happened to visit Romania. I must say, there was no choice, go somewhere sent.

1. Dispatch from Sheremetyevo

Aeroflot flew

We flew to Bucharest

Airport Henri Coanda

Colorful personality on the road girl walks among the cars on the road is not the offering of the lamb not collecting money for zhivotnyh.pytalis find the driver did not understand.

Advertising Heineken, prefer this way, local beer as a quality, although I URSUS tastier.

road in the center of

the view from the hotel window

The hotel was the Marriott Hotel 5zvezd - the whole glamorous hotel, but I personally do not really location, far from the tourist center of the old town is the same but it is beautiful inside and breakfast Otpad when trying to photograph inside the hotel there was a security guard and asked to remove all photos Romanian Academy sad landscape.

Old Town building was destroyed, and that-be did not scare closed a poster, by the way in the old town close to many of the current restaurant can be burned building.

The legacy of Ceausescu's everywhere, though local fondly remember him for what he only stood up for the Czech Republic when the Soviet troops entered Prague in 1968 (but the views of local mixed)

It was from 17 to 21.12 in the spirit of Christmas vsёm- in the car, at the mall, the hotel sounds everywhere Merry Christmas in different variations. So far in my head melody entrenched, then in Moscow in the Mega Khimki it was just uncomfortable not have the spirit of the holiday.

Center a little impressed by me so beautiful Yekaterinburg, although controversial.

It meets and our auto industry.

In the center of the mall has not made much of an impression, sell what is weak, though I understand the price tag bullied capital!

I visit the restaurant Mica Elvetie glamorous restaurant but the kitchen simply super meat on a hot stone, palinka 60 degree.

Cup size for espresso - is a compliment to the soup from the chef. Taste the sauce and a fabulous blend of spices is great.

Ordered tea brought just something - the tea as a float in a cup and throw expect when sink, everywhere give honey to tea (flower).

The hotel room was prepared every night snu- to draw the curtains, lozhili chocolate on the pillow, put the mineral water from the nightstand bokalom.V necessarily the Old Testament and other religious books (probably read before bedtime) is true in Romanian.

In the morning, the fog but there is no snow, the weather is warm slightly damp.

Architecture interesnaya- if I had brought into the center of the old town or with a blindfold and not allowed to talk to local I would not have understood where I was either in Russia or whether in Romania, many reminiscent of the Soviet Union and Russia.

House as good as ours.

Microsoft Office

Triumphal Arch in Bucharest

On the roads in the mountains moving cyclists, quite normal car drivers are tolerated.

Many animal-drawn carts

Gasoline road, unfortunately the picture is not very evident, the average price 95- 57 rubles, diesel - 61rubl appreciate very much Lukoil fuel filling stations in the country, local low quality fuel.

oil town.

One Love!

easy terrain

Transylvania Mountain

Bran Castle in it a couple of times slept Vlad Tepes III, subsequently conducted a local "rebranding" and Dracula's castle became -zamkom all fanned secret but essentially nothing a castle. The only thing you can buy local cheese and sausages spruce crust.

Local snacks.

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Overall impressions are positive, it is always interesting to visit another stranu.Dazhe weather does not spoil the impression of the country, people are interesting, traditions, cuisine hit single local obsessed with meat in the preparation of the course is everything, even the skin of the pig cooked with spices and sold as a delicacy .Mestnye tsuika drinks, pálinka is quite tasty, although in fact are samogonom.Planiroval visit the Christmas sales, but they have small we launched with the purchase price as a whole is not ays.Vot and everything you can now kick.



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