Cognitive facts about aviation and air travel

Interesting facts about air travel and aviation in general.

Many have been flying planes, someone is just going to, in any case, the information will be useful to everyone.

Aircraft - the safest means of transportation.

The oldest airline in the world is a Dutch KLM, which was founded in October 1919 of the seventh.

First flight attendant on board the aircraft was an American Ellen Church. She was a nurse by training and had a license for the control of the airplane. When in 1930 she applied for a job in the airline «Boeing Air Transit», there gladly responded. Girl, except for duties, ran the fuel tanks, carried luggage, wind the watch in the cockpit, fly beat, etc.

Prior to that, two years on airplanes operated only male flight attendants (stewards), and only on German aircraft.

Every airport, according to the rules of international aviation, has a three-letter code in Latin. In Russia this code in Cyrillic. Ufa - the only airport, whose name in the international and Russian systems of the same: UVA - UFA.


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