Thanks to his grandfather for the victory, the crowd screamed at the parade ...

Thanks to his grandfather for the victory, the crowd screamed at the parade, marching soldiers, carrying flowers grandchildren of veterans, and his grandfather lying quietly at home, suffering abdominal pain ... because the doctors felt that live in '93 - it's a lot and it is time my grandfather died. Take to the hospital did not want not to spoil the statistics of deaths and a favorite holiday. Here's a story:

taken from: VKontakte
Hope Grekov ▼
yesterday at 16:31
My grandfather, Lokhin Pavel Fedorovich, born in 1920, World War II veteran and disabled 2 groups, test nuclear weapons, the colonel in resignation. It needs qualified medical help, which it today is not the first time denied! a week ago, he had sharply deteriorated health. caused by home experts just shrugged and answered - & quot; Well, what you want is your old age & quot ;. Grandpa complains of persistent pain in the abdomen and refuses to eat. to requests for health care workers to hospital for examination and maintenance of body functions droplets - twice turned down (4th Mountain Hospital and Hospital Naval Forces of Ukraine). Today (7.05) when it was brought by ambulance to the hospital, doctors did inspection in CAR !!! intelligible reason why we refused hospitalization and further investigation, so no one called ... If you're old - lie at home and quietly die ??? It's a shame ...



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