Pistol printed on 3D-printer

If you think that a piece of plastic below is just a toy, you'd be wrong. This is a real gun. Shooting standard pistol bullets. Print. This is the first completely 3D printed gun. Previously, guns were only partially printed.

3D gun, called "The Liberator", published Cody Wilson, 25-year-old student at the University of Texas, who was a star Motherboard's documentary Click. Print. Gun. Wilson built a prototype weapons, and plans to release the CAD files for the pistol next week to the public. In principle, anyone is able to print arms.

"The Liberator" is made out of sixteen different parts and uses interchangeable barrels of different caliber. All these parts are made of ABS plastic and is formed on the printer Stratasys Dimension SST. Wilson uses a nail as a drummer and added six ounces of steel to the gun, so the detector detects it. But, you will not have to. Plastic guns are no longer just a toy.




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