In a world where there is no winds of peace ...

Look what happened then in the world.

The vague childhood memories of the 1981 year: the constant nightly "bubnilovka" on television with the same set of words, "the Reagan administration," "arms race", "Pershing", "El Salvador", "Ulster", "strike", "provocation "" The situation in Poland. " All together it was called "a dramatic worsening of the international situation».
More specifically, in the world of the Second Cold War.

In January, the US president Ronald Reagan came possessed messianic ideas of the liberal-conservative wing. He proclaimed the Soviet Union an "evil empire" and announced last crusade against communism.
Here he is with his wife Nancy during the inauguration:

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2.Byvshy Hollywood Actor, whose face the whole country knew of cigarette advertising, Ronald Reagan not only played the role of the next US president. He brought with him a whole epoch, a new social and economic model filosoviyu to be called "Reaganomics."

3.Sut this philosophy was simple: "weak do not belong here, survival of the fittest." He lowered taxes on large corporations and began to dismantle the already not very strong system of social protection in the United States. Not that all Americans were delighted by this, but most will give him their votes in the next election.
Just two months after his inauguration, March 30, 1981, Reagan got his shot from some psychopath:

4.Voobsche, 1981 was marked by high-profile assassinations. In Iran, the bomb exploded right and left.
May 13 Turkish extremist was seriously wounded Pope:

5.6 October 1981 Islamist conspirators was killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who in the early 1970s turned to 180 degrees, peremetnuvshis from the Soviet camp in the US.
The murder happened right during the parade (in the form of exclusion will give a black and white photo):

6.Mesto assassination:

7.Mesto Sadat took Mubarrak (from left):

8.Odnoy of the hottest topics in 1981 became El Salvador. In this tiny Central American country's leftist rebels began a guerrilla war against the government. But the US really wanted to get a second Nicaragua therefore sent to the aid of the Salvadoran authorities to his military advisers. Local military helped the so-called "Death squads", which just cut people on the slightest suspicion of sympathizing with the guerrillas, much like it was in the period of the Great Patriotic War in Belarus. El Salvador has become a little hell in which human life is not worth a penny.
Western photographers were shooting these types of on the streets of the country, named in honor of the Savior:

9.A Soviet media reported on a daily basis reports that in El Salvador guerrillas fired a government patrol or "death squads" cleared the next village. Often the speaker asked to withdraw children from the screen. It was one of the many fronts of Reagan's war against communism.

Salvadoran rebels:

10. In 1981 it was one of the peaks of aggravation of the situation in Ulster, that is, in Northern Ireland, where the Catholic minority continued to struggle against the British occupation of the island.
In British prisons were starving for weeks and died Irish activists arrested, and then for them to take revenge out on the streets with Molotov cocktails their comrades:

11.Irlandsky gunman in Londonderry 1981:

12.This desperate struggle was endless.

The funeral of a member of the IRA in Belfast 1981:

13. In 1981 reached its climax began in 1980, "the social and political crisis" in Poland. There was established the independent trade union "Solidarity" led the Gdansk shipyard electrician Lech Walesa.

Walesa is meeting at the headquarters of the "Solidarity", Gdansk 1981:

14. In the beginning of the demands were purely economic, but then, protesters have become openly declare their desire "to its knees" communist power. Because of the endless strikes and acts of sabotage life in the country by the end of 1981 was almost paralyzed. The supply of many cities was interrupted for bread queues, during the war:

15.Tak looked counters in Krakow:

16. In the West waited, that the Soviet Union will introduce its troops into Poland to normalize, in Prague in 1968, and received a second Afghanistan. However, the Soviet leadership did not want to send troops. Fortunately, the Poles themselves were able to understand and stop national catastrophe. The situation was saved by General Wojciech Jaruzelski, who introduced in December 1981 a state of emergency and interned leaders of "Solidarity».
Prime Minister Jaruzelski at the party congress at the House of Culture, Warsaw, 1981

Then the man who managed to avoid foreign troops in Poland and ensure a peaceful transition to multiparty democracy in 1989, the new Polish government will try to be judged as a traitor.

17.Kitay in 1981 is increasingly unwrapped market reforms that would soon transform the country beyond recognition.
But in the year as a whole, it was a still quite deplorable spectacle.
Harbin 1981:

18.No Beijing 1981 has transformed before our eyes:

19.Sosednyaya Korea also continued to actively built, but without economic reforms. The capital was then a construction boom.
Pyongyang in 1981 .:

20. At rebuilt Dubai oil revenues, although superneboskrёbov and artificial islands there were in 1981 still very far away.

21.Konechno life in 1981 was not limited to a single conflict. There were happy moments.
Therefore, the completion of the review a bit of gossip.
July 29, 1981 held a lush, as it should be, the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer:

22.Vsё was very nice:



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