20th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident

Immediately warn you - the post is not cheerful. But forget about that date is also not desirable.
 - On the night of 25 to 26 April 1986 20 years ago there was an accident. The explosion of Unit 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The consequences of this event to speak terribly still.

In the sequel - a few photos, video materials, the chronicle of events of the accident and links to related resources.

 - So. As events unfolded:

April 25, 1986

Began a gradual decline in the planned reactor power
Reactor power is stopped at the level of 1600 MW (t)
Isolated emergency core cooling system (part of the program test). Power should be reduced even more, but the request came from Kiev to leave power at the same level (1600 MW (t)). The test program is delayed
Repeated power reduction

April 26, 1986

The power level has reached 720 MW (t) and decreasing
The power level of - 500 MW (t). Management is translated in automatic mode, but it has led to an unexpected drop in capacity to 30 MW (t)
The operator is trying to restore power, taking control rods response. In order to leave less than 26 bars, requires permission from the chief engineer, but already at that time they were less than the required amount.
The power increased to 200 MW (t)
In the left sleeve of the cooling system included an additional pump to increase the flow of water to the core (included in the test program)
In the right sleeve of the cooling system included an additional pump (included in the test program). Additional pump removes heat from the core faster. The water level in the steam separator decreased
Operator deactivated the system shutdown of the reactor at a low pressure steam
The operator increased the flow of water
Some control rods are removed to increase the power and raise the temperature and pressure in the steam separator. Rules do not allow to leave at least 15 control rods, but this time there were probably only eight
1:21: 40
Water flow is reduced to below normal levels in order to stabilize the water level in the steam separator and reduce the heat removal from the core
1:22: 10
He began his education in the core couple
1:22: 45
Despite receiving warning emergency, state of the reactor was stable
01 10
Removed from the core of automatic control rods
Steam generation increases sharply. This should lead to an increase in power
The amount of steam in the core begins to grow uncontrollably
Pressed the emergency button. Automatic control rods into the core returned
Reactor power exceeds the rated 100 times
The reaction of the fuel with the cooling water produces a pulse of high pressure fuel channels
Fuel channels destroyed
Two explosions occurred. They tore the roof of the reactor by opening access to air, which contributed to the formation of flammable gas and cause a fire

 - Helicopter crash while extinguishing the reactor.
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