The Warsaw Uprising (50 photos)

The Warsaw Uprising - anti-Nazi uprising in Warsaw August 1 - October 2, 1944

July 31, when the progressive forces of the Red Army approached located on the east bank of the Vistula the Warsaw district of Praga, the commander of "Home Army" (AK) Tadeusz Komorowski (pseudonym "Bor") ordered the beginning of the uprising in the city without informing the Soviet military. By the operation, which began in the afternoon on August 1, under the command of Colonel Commandant of the Warsaw area crunched Anthony (alias "Assembler") started about 23 thousand. AK soldiers, of which only a portion was armed. During the first days of fighting, the rebels captured a lot of strategic objects, and over time their number increased to 34 thousand. In particular, August 5, rebels took Gęsiówka camp and freed 383 prisoners, including 348 Jews. Most of them joined the rebels



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