Delivery by mail

A cautionary tale about the work of our mail.

(We have more margin in Norilsk 6000) selected on the TV remote, ordered. It took 2 weeks,
bring cherished igrulku. (After calling to mobile, well that kept the room)
Nothing anticipates trouble, on the issue of battered box deliveryman said supposedly hurting a bit in the car.

Called friend, ran, I say let's look nous, unpacked, everything is there, everything is in place ... we put the TV on the table,
and fellow says, "Listen here and what he black?" I looked at an angle to the light, and ...
It became immediately clear, LED panel is damaged, take a picture. It is clearly seen on the scale

My actions
1. Ringing in the console, say say so and so, I need to send the soap act + photo.
2. I call on the overall number of service EMC realized that things will not happen. I called the number that is recorded before,
I say supposedly just come, and then a puncture, return or something. I was told that the car had already left,
And if you bring Bring yourself.
The next day, bring the device, the first sentence was, "Look at the box, in your opinion that it" received a response
"It's a little flattened, it happensĀ»
Then I said to check it flattened, the girls who were there saw the light.
Came to the eldest, said they say you're all signed up received a response about the appearance of the box, and the fact that I discover it was not given,
because it is intact and sealed. But the woman got normal, said that it is stable, such problems are often,
and that her whole vseravno do act retroactively, and you did not sign anything.
The documents were sent to the store, and 3 weeks later got a new device, but by another company.
Subject to nothing lead, but once again convinced that the post of the Russian Federation that EMC trough trough ...


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