"Save the bees!" - A new project Aganety Dyke

Aganeta Dyke - talented artist from Canada who uses his talents for the good of all mankind. She creates exquisite miniatures, which then puts in beehives. Over time, the sculpture gradually overgrown cells, and ready to work Aganeta shows to pay attention to the threat of extinction of bees in the world.

Throughout the world, strongly reduced the population of bees. In Europe and the United States population has declined by 50%. And Wang predicted that in a short time on the planet did not become honey and begin an environmental disaster. Beekeepers are sounding the alarm, and by all means draw attention to the issue. Not far behind is for this reason and artists.

To produce his sculptures the artist uses a variety of materials. Figurines, shoes, sports equipment. Aganeta long been interested in research on interspecific relationships in the world and believes that the situation is very serious, it's time to do something active to do.

In general merit of the artist in these works is minimal. It merely provides a "soil" on which the bees create their own works. Some were shocked by this project ("The idea is interesting, but the result is eerie"), the other - in a good impressive.


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