City of toothpicks

Stan Munro earns his living unusual hobby - it creates a whole city from toothpicks.
It all started 10 years ago when his wife became ill polycystic liver disease. Stan had to give up work to care for her, and he began to collect models of buildings from toothpicks. Gradually, his hobby has progressed so much that he built a city.

In 2006, he sold his first City of toothpicks museum in Spain. All that creates Stan - he creates for his wife, it was she who serves as an inspiration for him. All the creations signed by Stan «I Luv Suzi».
Mount Stan helped find the amazing creativity, and his love for his wife helped her recover, and you never know, you add up all differently, maybe we would not when you do not see these impressive buildings of toothpicks.

Stan created two huge project - City of toothpicks I: History of Skyscrapers and City of toothpicks II: Temples & Towers.

City of toothpicks I: History of Skyscrapers contains more than 50 well-known high-rise buildings from around the world.

City of toothpicks II: Temples & Towers is a collection of more than 40-famous religious buildings and tall towers around the world, standing on an oval platform size 24x28m. All structures will be constructed in scale 1: 164. When the work will be completed over the city, it is the largest building of toothpicks in the world, it will consist of 4 million toothpicks, which is almost two times more than in the first city.



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