New comfortable tank

Improved model TM-140m2 from our manufacturer.

The first and most important difference between the new all-terrain vehicles - design.
Their roof has become more circular, the machines themselves are made up of three separate heated modules:
driver's cab, engine compartment and residential. The driver's cab is sufficiently large.
It is designed for seven people, all seats can be converted into beds.
The engine compartment in the new model became a little higher.
It is fully insulated and allow maintenance
and repair, regardless of climatic conditions.
Last, the passenger module, designed for eight seats,
are transformed into four beds.
It includes a small kitchen,
shelves for things, a bathroom and shower.

All modules are completed by the customer: hob, shower,
microwave and much more can be installed or removed.
In addition, all modules can be removed if desired, using cranes
or independently by the new technology "tabs»
and replaced by technology modules.

ATV TM 140m2 and is able to swim and ride off-road
thanks to the wide tracks. The soil is not affected.
The noise level in the cabins is low, and the car rides smoothly cell.
All-terrain vehicle's steering system is installed type,
There are six forward and two reverse gears.


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