Longest coma in the world (3 photos)

Just the other day in Miami, Florida, United States, died at the age of 59 years old woman named Edwarda O'Bara (Edwarda O'Bara).

It would seem that in the history of premature death is nothing particularly unusual, if not one "but" - O'Bara for 42-uh years was unconscious, after 1970, the year fell into the so-called diabetic coma.

All these many decades of senseless women should be her closest people - mother and sister. It is said that O'Bara studied in the senior year of high school, when suddenly dumped her serious illness. Man sent to hospital, where she asked her mother never to leave her, and then pretty soon fell into a coma.

The girl's mother kept her promise: she watched and cared for her daughter long 37 years, until she died. Recent years, all the burdens fell on the shoulders sister Eduardo. History O'Bary formed the basis of a literary work: "A promise is a promise, almost unbelievable story of selfless maternal love and what it teaches us."

I must say that to O'Bary longest tenure rights in a coma was 37 years. We are talking about an American who fell into this state in August 1941, after surgery to remove the appendix, and left this world in November 1978 year. Girl during his coma even open her eyes a few times, but she does wake up was not meant to.


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