6 mental disorders

We tend to think that madness - a universal phenomenon. Wherever you live, you are just a person with a normal human brain, and the brains of people who work and give crashing about in the same way. Of course, one person begins to see the aliens, and the other - the demons, but this is detail.

However, there are some incredible mental disorders that are found only in any one place on the planet. For example:


1. «zero» disorder

After the First World War in Germany, began to rapidly simply unprecedented inflation. The price of a cup of coffee could double for a while, until you drink. Price tags in shops had to constantly change, the brands that cost millions in an instant grew in value to billions.

As a result of the confusion and terror that accompanies each purchase (just imagine: "This bank with beans cost 50 thousand?" "Pardon me, for the money you have just a cup of coffee ... no, wait, the price rose again"), in Germany, a new unique mental disorder.

It is expressed frustration at irresistible urge to draw zero - infinite chain of circles.

Since the value of the German currency to plummet down, gaining speed, people were forced to somehow learn to calculate the least cost of a loaf of bread (which is the climax of this nightmare reached billions of marks). Not surprisingly, from the abundance of zeros with which they had to deal with every day, the roof they went slightly. Imagine that you have lost the ability to sleep, because your brain thinks involuntarily zero and can not stop.

Cashiers, accountants and bankers have been exposed to this scourge in the first place. These people have in their heads before all mixed up, which, in addition to drawing endless chains of zeros, they suddenly began to tell others that they, for example, 10 billion years, or 40 trillion have children.

2. Fear of losing sperm

Perhaps this is due to demographic policy, perhaps with something else, but at some point in China, the problem of "suppression of sexual activity" of the population took the critical form. In 1980-90 years, thousands of people poured into the Chinese hospital with the state, dubbed the "Schenk».

The Chinese traditionally consider sex a risky business, because in this culture, the loss of sperm is related to the decrease in "yang" - that is, masculine energy. Losing yang, you lose the blood. And if you're a teenager and regularly masturbate, then you may have a panic fear that another erotic dream may just kill you. The panic associated with the loss of a large amount of sperm and induces a state of Schenk. This person experiences dizziness, back pain, sexual dysfunction and insomnia, which have no physical basis.

In India, too, have a similar syndrome, called 'Dhat. " He also connected with the fear of loss of sperm - only the Indians think that the semen comes from them in the urine. Symptoms are the same - weakness, fatigue, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. In Indian culture, the sperm is considered one of the most valuable "elixirs of the human body." Consequently, the loss of this "elixir" promises nothing good. Hence, apparently, and panic.

3. Arctic Hysteria

It is not easy to guess that the Arctic hysteria prone peoples of the North. Eskimos have a condition called "pibloktok." It occurs mostly in winter and it sometimes takes epidemic proportions. Arctic hysteria attacks can last a few minutes, but during that time sufferers something wildly scream (it is impossible to make out the words), tear off all my clothes, running on ice and snow and sometimes even eat their own feces.

When these people come to, I often can not remember anything that worked in a minute "eclipse».

The Eskimos believe such states sign of possession by spirits, and according to scientists they are associated with an excess of vitamin A - the traditional food of northern peoples contains a high concentration of this vitamin.

4. Syndrome wild pig

If you are a young man living in New Guinea, just married and having financial ease - you are at risk and can easily become a victim of the disorder called "syndrome of wild pigs." This means that you can get into the house of a neighbor, steal from him something completely useless to you, and remember nothing about his "heroism" in the morning.

The syndrome affects only men and only at the age of 25-35 years old and his name is justified by the fact that during the attacks victims of the disease become as aggressive and hyperactive, like wild animals.

In some cases, after the theft of suffering from this syndrome run away into the forest and wandered there for a few days, breaking the "booty" into small pieces, and then returned to his village, and also with amnesia.

The local population believes that such strange behavior arise if a man beat the ghost of the recently deceased member of the tribe, and to cure the sick can only fumigating smoke as long as it does not come in themselves.

5. Fatigue Syndrome brain

Imagine that you are a student of some of the African countries located south of the Sahara. You are preparing for the exam, and suddenly your brain completely lost all ability to understand what they read. You feel exhausted even to speak almost in a state hands are shaking so that it is impossible to write. All these are symptoms of a mental disorder, known in Africa as "brain fatigue syndrome».

Although the diagnosis sounds as if it is possible to put any modern student or students during exams, brain fatigue syndrome - a unique phenomenon, affecting only the students of West Africa. More exact - only those that are trained in the Western system.

Researchers who have studied this phenomenon, noticed that the higher the student's level of English, the higher the risk of his above-mentioned symptoms. And it's not just the usual nervous trembling before a difficult exam - in severe cases, the student tormented by the pain, the feeling that someone presses on the head or neck, the body like compresses, before the eyes of floats, quickens the pulse, there is a feeling that underneath the skin crawl any -That insects.

What is the reason until now no one really can not understand.

6. The virus of madness

For most of us, the seasonal outbreak of the disease can result in weeks in bed with a thermometer under his arm. But for members of Miskito, in Central America, the case could prove to be folly. The disease in question, the local population calls "Gris siknis».

It is highly contagious and the strange disease causes severe convulsions, loss of consciousness and sometimes even coma. And the unconscious suddenly replaced by periods of violent activity. Under the influence of a mysterious force ill try to escape with his eyes closed, grab everything that can be used as a weapon and waved it, defending himself against invisible enemies.

According to eyewitnesses, the patients are incredibly strong - sometimes only four men struggle to twist and tie the sufferer. And if you do not twist, and it will run with your eyes closed until fall off a cliff or drown.

Scientists, this phenomenon leads to utter confusion. It spreads like a virus, but the blood of patients does not give absolutely nothing. No medication is not helping. The first known outbreak registered in the beginning of the XIX century, and the epidemic, which began in 1910, reportedly lasted for 20 years. Last year, cases were 65.

Local think Gris siknis curse or punishment for sins. Like it or not, but medicine can not do anything, and local healers still manage to save some accidents.


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