Ships get a second life on land, becoming a home.

When the ships and boats are unsuitable for sea travel, it does not necessarily mean that they are doomed to rot somewhere in the cemetery of old ships. Some of them get a second life on land, becoming a home. And sometimes vice versa - the houses are built like ships.

House-ship Benson Ford, Lake Erie, Ohio

This ship was built and launched in 1924. It belonged to the Ford Motor Company and was used for the transportation of iron ore and other materials on the Great Lakes (on the border of the United States and Canada). In December 1981, a ship bought Frank Sullivan, who, five years later, it has separated the bow and made him a four-story old house with total area of ​​650 square meters.

Some rooms are designed personally by Henry Ford.

Climate Center Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 ° Ost, Germany

Office of Coca-Cola, Los Angeles, California

Huts made of boats, Holy Island, Anglesey, UK

The building is Safety First, Bohol, Philippines

The building of the Ministry of Defence, Abuja, Nigeria

House of the five continents, Antwerp, Belgium

Residential house in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Dwelling houses SS Encinitas and SS Moon Light, Encinitas, California

These boats - copies of actually existing vessels. Them in 1928 from scrap metal and rubble baths built a retired engineer Miles Kellogg.

House-to-ship, Albania

Villa, Marseille, France

House-to-ship, Ireland

Somewhere in Croatia

Ship restaurant, Chengdu, China

Hotel "Captain's House", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maritime Museum, San Francisco, California

House-boat on Lake Huron

And two more buildings located in different places


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