Little-known facts about the US dollar (13 photos)

Have you ever - ever thought about that every currency in the world has its own interesting story? I was no exception and the US dollar. Today we will tell you the twelve interesting facts that you probably did not know about it.

1. The ends of the steel of American coins relief immediately. Initially, they were made of silver and gold, leaving a smooth edge. But enterprising businessmen began to grind off chips of precious metal, thereby reducing the size and weight of coins. From the resulting chip to make new products. After the ends began to make relief, the practice of grinding the edges of the coin went into oblivion.

2. The most common banknote denomination in America is $ 1. In use dollar bills usually not more than eighteen months, then it decays and becomes unusable.

3. The phrase «In God We Trust» first appeared on dvuhtsentovoy coin in 1864. In 1955 - on the banknote in one dollar, and since 1963 - on all banknotes of America.

4. According to the law adopted in the years of the revolution in the US currency can be printed only the portraits of dead rulers. This is due to the fact that at the time of the monarchy, on the contrary, the coins were minted only living portraits of kings. Still, once it made an exception to this rule. Portrait of President Calvin Coolidge minted on the coin, issued on the day of the country's independence in 1926.

5. The first woman, whose portrait was struck on the American coin was Queen Isabella of Spain. This happened in 1926. The first American so honored was the Martha Washington. In 1886 and 1891 her portrait was printed on one-dollar silver certificate.

6. In many American colleges in use its own currency student. Besides worldwide American Disneyland used colorful "Disney" - dollars.

7. denominations of one million dollars does not exist, and never has been! There is only banknotes with face value of one hundred thousand. They are used exclusively for carrying out banking operations.

8. On the hundred dollar banknote depicts an American president is not, as is commonly believed, and one of the authors of the Constitution of the country and well-known politician - Benjamin Franklin.

9. The counterfeit banknotes in the early years of the Republic is punishable by death. To date, the most frequently counterfeited banknotes in denominations of twenty and one hundred dollars.

10. US Bureau of Engraving and Printing has already celebrated its 150th anniversary. Every day, it prints 696 million dollars. To produce such a large number of bills required 18 tonnes of ink per day. The composition of the ink and the paper itself are the same as during the Civil War. 95 percent of the money supply is used to replace the old worn-out bills.

11. The first federal building, which has built the US government, was the Mint in 1973.

12. Money or rather a lot of money - this is what dreams of the majority of ordinary citizens. Therefore, such a popular and enjoyed a lottery. Although, if you believe the statistics, the odds break a big jackpot are only one in ten million.


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