Radioactive sources, which you probably did not know.

Already have heard all about what is radiation. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, microwaves, Hiroshima. However, in nature and in everyday life are also found radioactive sources, which you probably did not know.

Brazil nuts - one of the most radioactive sources of food in the world. Eating Brazil nuts risk that feces and urine become too radioactive. The reason for this radioactivity is simple: the roots of the tree yielding fruit Brazil nuts, into the ground so deeply that they absorb large amounts of radium, a natural source of radiation.

Grand Central Terminal. If you plan to take the train from there, you will be uncomfortable to know that it is one of the most radioactive stations. Its radioactivity is due to walls and foundations, built of granite - a rock that can contain natural radiation. Radiation at the station is so high that it exceeds the level that the law can emit nuclear power plants.

If you attend school or college, or work in an office, you've probably seen glowing signs "Exit" (or Exit). Since the signs are designed to lead the people to a safe place in the event of a disaster, they are not connected to the electricity network of the building - because electricity during emergency situations will most likely not. Light emitting radioactive isotope of hydrogen - tritium contained in the sign.

Cat litter is one of the most frequently encountered radiation sources in our homes. This is because the main component of the filler - bentonite, clay mineral containing residues of naturally occurring uranium and thorium. Moreover, for the reason that every year come to the dump thousands of tons of filler, there is a danger that this radiation may eventually get into the groundwater.

Bananas, like Brazil nuts are a source of radiation. But if in the case of Brazil nuts tree "sucks" radiation from the earth, the bananas are affected by radiation due to the genetic code. Before you rush to bury their bananas in leaded coffins should be aware that in order to get radiation sickness should eat about 5 million bananas. So, you should not worry - to the point where people will eat up your five million banana, he was probably himself become a banana. However, the radiation from them can be determined Geiger counter.

If your kitchen has a granite worktop, there is a considerable chance that all food is cooked on it, was exposed. If you still remember the story of a New York station, you guessed why: Granite fine stores natural sources of radiation.

Many cigarettes contain radioactive materials such as polonium-210 (the same radioactive isotope that killed Alexander Litvinenko) and lead-210 - if you look for reasons to quit smoking, here they are. These isotopes are stored in tobacco leaves during the manufacturing process cigarettes stand in the air in the form of steam when the cigarette is ignited, after which the smoker inhales into his body. Despite the fact that small concentrations of these isotopes, chemicals eventually accumulate in the bodies of smokers and may be considered to be associated with the development of certain cancers.

Much of the pottery that is produced before 1960, mostly orange or red - contains a high concentration of uranium, which when added to the glaze will get the most recognizable color. Antique glass with a greenish tint also contains this isotope. Not to mention that the drinking of such devices is not necessary, because in addition to radioactivity old porcelain dangerous by the fact that it stands out from the lead.

Magazines on glossy paper. To make this paper it is covered with kaolin - white clay. As filler material for cat litter, it can also contain the radioactive elements uranium and thorium.


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