Resuscitation Hot Rod

Hot rod - it's cars, mostly American, are altered in order to achieve maximum speed. The term "hot rod" appeared in the early 30s of the last century and presumably originated from the phrase "hot roadster," because it roadsters chose to rework due to their light weight. However, even a light car needs further weight loss, but because it was removed from all that was possible: hoods, fenders and other body parts hanging.

After all these modifications in view of the car became quite strange, plus the entire rear wheels he had to necessarily be large enough to fully realize the power of the engine. But over time, this kind of absurd became something of a classic.

On cars hot rod races were held on the bottom of a dry lake in California. The most popular of these race began after World War II: demobilized soldiers have the technical knowledge and skills, which are used for tuning and auto racing.


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