Interesting facts about the film "Some Like It Hot"

15 July 1959 saw the release of "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn Monroe in the lead role. In the Soviet box office movie called "Some Like It Hot" and was incredibly popular. We collected the most interesting facts about the shooting and movie rentals.
Originally the film was planned to remove the color, but after a few screen tests this idea was abandoned because of too noticeable green tint around heavy makeup Curtis and Lemmon in the images of Josephine and Daphne.

But the ease with which they entered into the image of Daphne and Josephine: once (just in suits dzhazistok) actors went to a nearby kinopavilonov, went to the ladies room and sitting quietly in front of a mirror, began to paint her lips. Passed by the dancer, never for a moment suspected that something was wrong, even asked where the "girls" are removed.

Marilyn Monroe was matchless ... on the screen, but not during the filming. Because of it, Curtis had over 42 doubles bites chicken leg, because the star could not correctly play the scene. Because of this same 47 doubles boys standing in high heels.

5. Hours of late arrival to the site, the reluctance to leave the dressing room - she just everything, and the director says: "As an actress with a keen sense of comic dialogue, it was simply brilliant┬╗.

6. As a consultant for the main actors invited to present a transvestite from Berlin. After the first day of class, he said, "Curtis copes and Lemmon is simply not possible, it will not work, he always refuses to do what I command him." What actor explained his policy: "I do not want a convincing transformation into a woman, we must represent the two men who uncomfortable in a dress." P

8. In one of the previews in the scene when Jack Lemmon announces her engagement, the audience laughed so much that a few lines of dialogue was impossible to make out. Later remade stage with longer pauses and with the addition of games on maracas.

10. The title of the painting was "Not tonight, Josephine┬╗

11. The film's director Billy Wilder wanted the role of Jerry / Daphne played Frank Sinatra. His choice for the role of Darling - not Marilyn Monroe, actress and Mitzi Gaynor.

12. Many dialogs Marilyn could read only looking at the text - for example, in a scene of farewell phone conversation with Curtis Monroe can be seen as her eyes run over the lines.

13. In the scene where Daphne dancing tango with Fielding and he says, "you're back", in fact, leads just Fielding and Daphne is in a position ladies (partner with his left hand holding the right hand of the Lady, his right hand - on its waist, and her left hand - on his shoulder). This is evident also in pairs, dancing in the background in the correct position. So, after Fielding comments they get just as "wrong" position.

14. It's funny that the only "Oscar" film, which has been recognized and the audience (in the US box office budget of $ 5 million. Was surpassed by more than seven times), and critics (as voted by the American Film Institute in 2001, it is generally named best comedy in history), got only a costume in black and white film. But everything is explained very simply - in the year to Kinoolimpe reigned Biblical superkoloss "Ben Hur", grab a record number of awards (11).

15. After viewing the producers said the director that he should redo everything, showing more of Marilyn.

16. They also said: "A good comedy can not go longer than one and a half hours!". Wilder has promised to make the necessary changes, in fact, cut one scene for fifteen seconds, and everything else is left in its original form.

17. During the re-release of the Soviet film distribution in 1985, this film looked 28, 9 million. Man.

19. The total audience for the two issues in the rental of the USSR was 77, 9 million. Spectators.


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