10 signs of madness

It's not a compliment. Crazy girl - is one in which the head is not all right, but not incredible exceptional personality. In today's world, with its pace of life and the environment neuroses, psychoses and mental problems, as a rule, absolutely commonplace. And it's scary. With people who have mental problems, can not build anything worthwhile, alas. Firstly, because they are unlikely to understand what love is. Second, they may be insensitive. And thirdly, they are banal dangerous. So how to determine what a woman is something wrong?

1. It continuously stirs the interest of strange methods

Usually, not quite ordinary people (not always with psychological problems) become objects of ridicule.

Everyone once in my life became an object of ridicule or inaccurate rumors. You know. But people with painful inclinations transform their lives in a real PR itself. Often they recklessly commit stupid acts, to be the center of attention, do not support the very good reputation and create a complete nonsense. And unconsciously. And all because they feed on attention. The positive note is negative - no difference. I had a friend who has come to attract attention for a few years following manipulations:

wrung her hands several times, assured everyone that takes cadmium for bone strength;

worn bought a wedding dress, embroidered with his origami cranes, and went to him in the campaign;

got a tattoo on the entire back;

Two weeks is not washed;

painted hair in all the colors of the rainbow;

cheerleader at home srach of epic shit, bottles, cigarette butts, and Japanese language textbooks.

And all this because of the unhealthy desire attention. Psychosis, or rather, the hysteria on the face.

2. It is constantly exalts himself

Obychnoesli someone and exalts himself in the conversation, it was only a joke. People with normal inclinations keep it a secret and boast more modest. Here we present the praises itself. It's one thing to say that you're good with the English language and that you are a child even took medals at the Olympics (or whatever give) the urban scale. Another thing to say that you're good with the English language so that in 14 years you by correspondence in ICQ love with a prince from Saudi Arabia, who wanted to come to you and take you for a wife, but the evil vizier Jafar did not allow him to you in Mother Russia and as a result of a palace coup deposed the ruling dynasty and cut off the head of the prince in the square. Well, or something like that. I am not exaggerating, bro. People with painful tendencies not only glorify ourselves, but also willing to come up glorifying fantasy in which even themselves believe, though often realize that it's a lie. The girl from the first paragraph, by the way, assured everyone that her boyfriend killed some strange people and soon they will come after her. Given that she did not sleep well at night and kept the bat under the bed, you could say: she sincerely believed it. Or tried to.

3. She frankly hated other women

Dislikes, namely hate. Usually the girls together very well communicate, even friendship have in our understanding does not happen, they generally get along good. Some decades are friends. But the crazy girl silently despises all women in the world. Especially those who are more beautiful than them. When she sees another girl, you feel like it turns into a harpy, she is trying to humiliate her, to crush, mix with the by shit, humiliate her achievement and dignity. And not just that girl that somehow relates to you or threaten your relationship, but in general any. ANY !!! Colleagues, relatives, waiters - everyone! By the way, the same applies to the garbage mad bro.

4. It completely isolates himself

Once she had friends, but most of them do not. The most amazing thing is that it does not care. She could swear in their exclusivity, she could tell everyone around that he would never betray them, but if something goes wrong, it is easy to tear all contacts. Sometimes it just, or rather, the cause is not clear to anyone. These can be relatives, former colleagues, classmates, but if something goes wrong, she vomits all relations, separates them from themselves.

5. It controls the past and is interested in their lives

Her strange conflicting feelings to all the former. TO ALL! Almost Kolya from the 5th "A", who gave her flowers in the school cafeteria. She was still wondering what they have there, who they meet, what they are doing. And it's scary. Do not want to be another, and?

6. She falsely accuses you

This girl, like a girl from the first and second paragraphs, likes to blame everyone around the country. For example, in the fact that I took her money and not give. Or that I dismiss rumors about it, although I have not seen anyone from the general acquaintances to even try to dissolve them. And it kills.

7. It can make a strange and unexpected changes in the appearance

There are people who are shaved heads. And the tunnel in the nose. And tattoos all over the body. But she did not go, and she suddenly could dramatically change the image. To draw attention. Usually about painting blue girls think at least a little. At least an hour. Or 10 minutes, but she did not.

8. She loves to hit below the belt

And does it ever. Typically, even for those who sincerely hate you, you're not pripasesh of expletives which she pripaset for all the people she hates. If the object of her hatred of a close relative dies, that crazy girl thinks it shameful not to use it. After all, it has no boundaries.

9. She always contradicts itself

Once again we are reminded of this terrible example above. Today, she says in an open relationship - is well and good, but tomorrow it's fu. Today, she assures everyone that almost a virgin, and she was a man, and tomorrow, in the week that there were nine. And you can not figure out if she believed in it or not. Usually people look at me, but not so often. This girl is like a ship in a storm: you pull the steering wheel in one direction or the other. And all to stay afloat.

10. The rest consider it crazy crazy

Typically, they are well drawn. Still strange look.


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