Amazing things. Selection of the month!

Waiting for spring? It is better to create your "sunny" mood with gizmos that you can buy right now:


1. Angry Birds has long won the love among the owners of smartphones and tablets around the world, and now Angry Birds appeared in the real world. And not only in the form of soft toys and gifts, but also in the form of a board game that is fun for both children and adults!

2.Pop art portrait. Such a gift will delight you and your friends, decorate the interior of your room and give the sea a memorable and pleasant experience!

3. Map a knife (assembly) is ultra-light and super sharp folding knife the size of a credit card, it can be easy to carry, not only in your pocket or bag, but even just in your wallet. Undoubtedly, such a gift will assess any man! Details:

4.Elektromagnitny Globe - a real miracle of technology, it soars above the stand without any suspensions or invisible threads, such a gift will make a splash at any celebration!


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