Rates of female bodyguards in China

In recent years, China has increased the demand for the services of bodyguards. And if before the profession was considered exclusively male, but now it might as well learn the woman. The Academy of Chinggis security inmates are trained to protect their wards in the style of special forces.

Rigorous training course you want to take, includes martial arts, learning survival techniques and the protection of clients in a surprise attack, the evacuation under heavy fire from superior enemy forces, etc.

Demand for female bodyguards in different countries is growing from year to year. Given this trend, enterprising Chinese organized training courses for elite female bodyguards.

Courses are designed for 8 - 10 months of intensive training. Following which, the most successful awaits further studies at the International Academy of the strongest security in Israel.

For taking courses bodyguards girl must undergo a rigorous selection and only the strongest will be given the opportunity to study courses.


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