Made extremely clear pictures of the solar atmosphere

Space Telescope, launched by NASA on July 11 received the most detailed picture to date of the solar corona.
Its clarity will help scientists better understand the behavior of the atmosphere light and the nature of its impact on the Earth's vicinity.

Picture taken by a telescope Hi-C (here and below the image NASA).

High Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C) went to a short flight on board geophysical rocket. For 620 seconds, the unit weight of 210 kg and 3 m long made 165 pictures in the extreme ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

The telescope focused on a large active area, and some of the images showed the dynamic structure of the solar atmosphere with unprecedented resolution - 16 megapixels, is about five times higher than the pictures tool Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA), on board the "Solar Dynamics Observatory» (Solar Dynamics Observatory, SDO). AIA is able to distinguish between education on the solar surface width of about a thousand kilometers in ten wavelengths. A Hi-C can see the details of about 200 km, but only at a single wavelength.

In the development of the telescope participated Physics Institute. Lebedev RAS.

The same piece, shot tool AIA.


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