Richard Branson bought the & laquo; submarine aircraft & raquo;

lover of maritime adventure, Sir Richard Branson, unveiled his new toy, "underwater plane". The prototype of the submarine, named «Necker Nymph», entrepreneur cost 415 000 pounds ($ 663 thousand). The ship is capable of diving to a depth of 40 meters. Branson hopes that in the future he will be able to explore the depths of over 10 kilometers. Despair businessman can only envy: Infrequent humanity gets into such depths. "Nymph" Branson on a plan to be used for the delivery of the guests at his Necker Island in the Caribbean. The submarine is able to carry two people (not including the pilot) in possession of Branson for two hours. The ship can be rented. Cost-week rental is $ 25 thousand., But the load will have to also take a catamaran «Necker Belle» for $ 88 thousand.


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