The most expensive book. «Birds of America»

Bibliophile with a fat wallet is worth noting on December 7 in his diary. On this day at Sotheby's auction in London will be exhibited the most expensive book - a rare edition «Birds of America» («Birds of America"), an ornithologist and artist John James Audubon. In the world there are 119 copies of this massive tome beginning of the XIX century. Of these 108 copies are in museums, so that in private collections, this book is very rare. Last time "Birds of America" ​​to be auctioned in 2000. Then the book was sold for $ 8, 8 million. The organizers of this auction hoping to gain for her 6 million. Pounds ($ 9, 25 million). The book has a huge size - meter in height. There are about 500 drawings of birds, over which the artist-naturalist, worked for 12 long years. Apart from "Birds of America" ​​in the December auction will be a lot of other rarity. Among them, the first collection of William Shakespeare's plays, dating back to 1623. It is expected that it will be sold for £ 1 - £ 1, 5 million.


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