Saskia Maaike Bouvier SmB 901

Interesting ladies watch has introduced a new brand Saskia Maaike Bouvier. They are very harmoniously cute curls and mechanical nature of hours. Chronometer SmB 901 has a lot of color options, in addition to the two that are shown in the photographs. One thing is disturbing: a body width of 45 millimeters. Size too big even for a man's hand, and how it will look on a graceful female handle - the big question. Despite the size, the clock will be to the liking of many girls. Needless to say, they get really stylish. This factor is often decisive in the choice. Cost SmB 901 will be 18,000 Swiss francs (€ 14,000) for the model in stainless steel housing, 36,000 (€ 28,000) in the case of white gold and 48,000 (€ 37,500) for a model with diamonds.


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