Kansas cooked cannoli worth $ 26,010

chef from Kansas Jasper Mirabile Jr. loves to proclaim a national holiday in honor of a dish. His beginnings sound snobbish National cookies month, the National Honey Month, and so on. Claims on a nationwide scale sound unnecessarily, because it is not known, he joined anyone to his celebrations. Nevertheless, the wide interest to the institution Mirabile Jr. provided. The last of his endeavors was the month cannoli - a traditional Sicilian dessert. On the occasion of improvised Festivities he put on public display in his restaurant Jasper's most expensive cannoli worth $ 26 010. Wafer rolls Sicilian chef wrapped in edible gold leaf. Such embellishment can not justify the exorbitant price of dessert, this amount would have to feed the visitor about a pound of gold. Added value creates a diamond necklace from a local jeweler Tom Tivoli. It does not necessarily have.


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