Maybach loses $ 500,000 on each machine

Some time ago the management of Daimler has decided to cease production of luxury cars under the brand Maybach. In 2013, the pipeline will be completely stopped. The reason for closing Maybach was that the mark has not been able to become an equal competitor rulers "of the higher realms» - Bentley and Rolls-Royce. English Car magazine has calculated the economic efficiency of enterprises Maybach. Even though the cost of impressive cars of the brand - the price of a "younger» Maybach 57 nachinivayutsya from $ 370,000 - for each car sold German company lost about half a million dollars. To discourage the company invested in a $ 1 33 billion, Daimler'u should sell the car at least twice as expensive. But then they would do no one was buying.


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