Maybach Exelero for $ 8 million

Rapper Bёrdman (passport Brian Williams) has laid out $ 8,000,000 for there is only one Coupe Maybach Exelero. This machine was built by order of the German tire company Fulda, a longtime partner Maybach, as the show car to showcase the new tires. Its design engineers engaged Maybach in collaboration with the students of the Polytechnic College of the city of Pforzheim, and for the construction came from an Italian bodybuilder studio Stola. Maybach Exelero was introduced in 2005 and immediately created a furore. I admired not only futuristic look, but also unparalleled technical characteristics of the car. With its huge dimensions (5, 89 m long and 2, 14 m width) Exelero can accelerate to 350 km / h. The car also received extremely expensive, so that about a serial or even small-scale production of talk was not. Fulda was trying to sell the car back in 2008 for $ 5 million. However if buyers are not found. The crisis broke out - and the sale could forget. Although it is possible then to follow to use a more aggressive public relations strategy, because the current buyer learned of the existence of a unique Maybach only recently. A couple of weeks ago, the rapper said: "I learned that they have a machine for $ 8 million, and realized that I should buy it." Read it earlier - would have long since sold. According to the magazine Forbes, Bёrdmana capital is estimated at $ 100 million. That makes it the fourth richest rapper P. Diddy after, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. Updated on 21.08.2011: Three months after the news about buying a car, but as it turns out, Maybach Exelero has not yet changed hands. As the representative of the European entrepreneur Arnaud Massartika, Bёrdman did not pay in the account. Sellers suspect that the rapper had problems with liquidity.


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