Dead cat soared to € 100,000

good scandal - even a dead man to face. No, this is not the area of ​​gothic humor, and one of the laws of the contemporary art business. Infamous "kotolёt» - «Orvillecopter» - Dutch artist Bart Jansen's conceptual because of media hype rose almost tenfold. Mr. Jansen instead banal mourning his dead cat Orville, gave him a posthumous homage to the postmodern manner. He gutted dead animal and turned chuchelko in rotary-wing machine. In the author's unusual artwork flurry of criticism, especially from representatives of various "green" movement. All gossip Dutch artist replied calmly: "All lovers of cats: it tanned skin, of a similar make your Bothnia." But Jansen must thank their vocal opponents, because due to raise the hype, it "Orvilkopter" soared in price from the initial € 12 500 to € 100 000. This is not a cap of koshatinki stitch.



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