Gulfstream G650. Sales delight

catastrophe Gulfstream G650 during test flights in April 2011 that killed four people, did not affect the consumer interest to the new flagship aircraft. Manufacturing production vehicles have already started and by the end of the year is going to put Gulfstream jets the first 17 customers. In this case, the portfolio of orders worldwide has already overcome the figure of 200 units. The names of their customers Gulfstream, as usual, did not disclose. According to The New York Post, among them Ralph Lauren, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett. G650 is focused on long flights up to 7,000 nautical miles (almost 13,000 kilometers). The aircraft is able to deliver eight passengers from Moscow to Los Angeles without a single stop. According to senior vice president of engineering and testing Preza Henne, it will save 40 minutes of time in comparison with going on a G550. "When every second counts, the 40-minute win - a big deal," - he said. Gulfstream customers time is very expensive, and even 64, 5 million dollars - this is the starting price G650 - quite rational waste.


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