Russia ranks sixth in the number of billionaires

Russia entered the top 10 countries by number of billionaires, it follows from the very detailed report about the life of super-rich people The Wealth Report 2013. In 2012, in spite of the lowest economic growth in recent years the number of people with private capital of over 30 million. dollars increased by 5%, or almost 9 thousand. people. In their hands is concentrated 26 trillion. dollars. This is almost two times more than the GDP of the world's largest economy - the United States. According to the forecasts of research company Wealth-X, in the next decade on the European continent rich gains will largely ensure that Russia and Ukraine. But still the post-Soviet countries will not be able to catch up on this indicator flagship of the EU - Germany. Now Russia is in the top 10 countries by number of billionaires. The country is in sixth place, with 102 billionaires. A decade later, in the country there will be 126 super rich people. The most densely populated wealthy city predictably became New York. On its streets move 7, 5 thousand. Millionaires. The three leaders were London and Tokyo. But Russian capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg - were not even in the top thirty cities with residents-millionaires.


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